Let your data be just yours!

Storage with no compromises
where data is safe, no data abuse.
Preserve original file, no data loss
due to quality optimizations.

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Store your data securely

The stored data is available only to
the owner and the users to whom it is shared.

Archive your data safely

Keep your photos, videos and other
documents even if your cell phone or
computer breaks.

View your data anytime

Possiblity of direct viewing of photos
and videos.

Pay only for what you have stored

Do not pay unnecessarily for free space.

$0.034 / 1GB / 1 Month

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Oh, we forgot to introduce ourselves

We are a company from the heart of European Union Czech republic. Everything we do, we do with privacy in mind. Our goal is to provide quality services with no hidden surprises. Business Fair Play is in our nature.


Antonín Stoklásek